All-steel, tough outdoor and backyard garages from Arrow Storage Products are just a click away. Discover our favorite metal garage styles and configure your own.

Series Garage

The Commander Series Tough,
All-Steel Garage

Looking for the perfect all-steel garage that'll stand up to ultra-tough weather conditions? The Commander Series garage is a steel garage from Arrow Storage Products that offers great features for your storage needs. Developed using tough hot-dipped galvanized steel, the Commander Series garages from Arrow are made to take on tough weather, are UV resistant, swing doors and much more.

Tough, corrosion resistant hot-dipped galvanized steel

DIY assembly

Extension kit available

15-year limited warranty

  1. 5 Options Available
    Commander™ Series Storage Building
    Arrow Storage Products
  2. CA$4,714.99
  3. CA$4,129.99
  4. CA$3,544.99
  5. CA$2,954.99
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The Murryhill Garage: A Durable, Reliable and Functional Steel Storage Solution

Smart and stylish, the Murryhill is the perfect solution for your storage needs. Made from reliable and durable steel, the Murryhill is the perfect solution to park your ATV or store your garden items. Equipped with a high-gable roof with reinforced trusses, the Murryhill has been designed to offer storage that's strong and reliable. 

Pre-cut and pre-drilled parts for DIY assembly

Extra-tall walls for ample storage

All-steel frame construction 

12-year limited warranty

  1. CA$8,124.99
  2. CA$6,339.99
  3. CA$5,809.99
  4. New
    Murryhill Steel Storage Building, 12 ft. x 24 ft., Flute Grey
  5. New
    Murryhill Steel Storage Building, 12 ft. x 17 ft., Flute Grey
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